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The Quick and the Dread

His spurs jingled as he stepped into the road, his boots throwing up tiny dust devils from the parched earth. To either side of him, frightened but curious townsfolk gathered to watch the spectacle about to unfold. Sunlight flashed off the tarnished badge that proclaimed his role as Sheriff, but Jasper Stallings felt like anything […]

Bad Intel

It’s fiction time again, and this little piece was some background fluff for  a fantasy character in my friend’s Savage Elhal campaign. Deklan may be short in stature, but he makes up for it with courage and toughness. For your reading pleasure, I give you “Bad Intel”: The battle was a disaster. The field was […]

Night’s Black Agents

This little piece was a teaser I wrote for my character in our Night’s Black Agents campaign (abbreviated NBA henceforth). NBA is a game about modern day field agents (think Jason Bourne) who discover that vampires really exist, and become embroiled in the conspiracy to keep them hidden. I decided to base my character on […]

What doesn’t kill me…

Here’s another piece I wrote for Ken’ichi Omatsu, my character in one of the campaigns we played with the Corporation RPG. You know the old adage “What doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger”? Ken’ichi does… The first few rounds blew out his shield, allowing another round to shatter his left femur and dropping him […]

Digging out some old fiction

Once again, I’ve let this humble blog of mine grow silent for far too long. In an effort to help rectify that, I’ve been digging through my archives looking for fiction that I’ve written for my characters in the various RPG’s I’ve played over the years. As I find these older pieces, I’m going to […]