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Bad Intel

It’s fiction time again, and this little piece was some background fluff for  a fantasy character in my friend’s Savage Elhal campaign. Deklan may be short in stature, but he makes up for it with courage and toughness. For your reading pleasure, I give you “Bad Intel”: The battle was a disaster. The field was […]

Night’s Black Agents

This little piece was a teaser I wrote for my character in our Night’s Black Agents campaign (abbreviated NBA henceforth). NBA is a game about modern day field agents (think Jason Bourne) who discover that vampires really exist, and become embroiled in the conspiracy to keep them hidden. I decided to base my character on […]

New Year, New Game Update

Earlier in the year I posted about my plans to run some new games, having been inspired by Gnome Stew’s New Year, New Game contest. As with most plans, this one did not survive contact with the enemy, but I did manage to run one of my planned games. At Gen Con I was able […]

How it all began…

This is a piece of short fiction I wrote as background for a character I’ll be playing in a new campaign, using the Savage Worlds RPG. The campaign is a modern day horror setting, with elements of the Cthulhu mythos. I hope you enjoy it. My name is Daniel Thompson, and I’m a surgeon. I’m […]

Fiction Friday: A Scar Is Born

First, I’d like to take a moment to revel in the fact that I actually sat down tonight and wrote something. Not just a short message on Google+, nor a quick anecdote to my friends in an email. I knocked out over 1000 words, and it felt good.  So, in honor of this momentous occasion, […]