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Monday Music: Trivia

Today I’m going to toss out a little trivia for you.  See if you can match the women below with the bands that immortalized them in song.  Bonus points if you can name the song, too (but some of them are easy!) 1. Marianne 2. Wendy 3. Loretta 4. Angie 5. Melissa A. The Allman […]

Music Monday: That Metal Show

If you are a Metal fan, I encourage you to check out That Metal Show. It airs on VH1 Classic, but if you don’t get that channel you can stream episodes from the website. What I really enjoy about it is that the 3 cohosts are just fans of the music, hanging out talking about […]

Music holds the secret…

I am a big fan of music, and a firm believer that it’s more than just entertainment. Rik Emmett said it best in the lyrics to “Hold On” recorded by Triumph: “Music holds the secret, To know it can make you whole. It’s not just a game of notes, It’s the sounds inside your soul.” […]