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Whatever happened to “music television”?

This past August 1st was the 30th anniversary of MTV.  I remember spending hours sitting in front of the TV, watching videos of my favorite songs, and discovering new songs and bands along the way. It was a great time, and it changed the way a lot of people think about music. So what the […]

Censoring Movies: Redux

Fiction Friday will return next week.  Today, I had to go back to a topic I previously covered in Censoring Movies: What the @#%^.  The other night I was watching XXX (the Vin Diesel movie, not porn), and the censors pulled one of my least favorite moves – they dubbed over some dialog with something […]

Censoring Movies: What the @#%^

I understand the desire of some people to censor movies when they air on TV.  You never know when some impressionable mind is going to catch someone dropping an F-bomb, or stumble into that steamy sex scene that will remove the blinders from their eyes forever.  For God’s sake, children might accidentally watch, too! But […]

Microsoft: Episode 1–The Phantom Update

Dear Microsoft, If I own a copy of Office Professional, let’s say 2010, and I only install Word, Excel, and Outlook on my machine, please don’t tell me that I need Security Updates to Publisher, Access, InfoPath, and the 27 other programs that I NEVER INSTALLED ON MY DAMN PC!  You are wasting my time […]

Turn signals aren’t there for YOU

Hey all you drivers out there, I’ve got a little tip for you.  Those turn signals you have in your car – you know, one of the sticks that juts out of the steering column, that when you flick it a light comes on the dash and blinks – they’re not for you.  Those little […]