Censoring Movies: Redux

Fiction Friday will return next week.  Today, I had to go back to a topic I previously covered in Censoring Movies: What the @#%^.  The other night I was watching XXX (the Vin Diesel movie, not porn), and the censors pulled one of my least favorite moves – they dubbed over some dialog with something that didn’t make any sense.  Alright, to be fair, it made some sense in the context of the scene, but their choice seemed to come out of left field.

In the scene, Vin and the good guys are assaulting the bad guy’s lair, but they are pinned down by a sniper.  Our hero sees a weapon he calls a “bazooka”, and in the original dialog tells the others to “stop thinking Prague Police and start thinking Playstation – blow shit up!” Clearly we can’t have the sensitive ears of the viewers subjected to such vulgarity, so the ugly hammer of censorship is employed!

Now, the obvious answer (to me at least!) would be to replace shit with stuff.  Simple, effective, gets the job done, right?  Well, our intrepid censors apparently thought otherwise, and “blow shit up!” became “bazooka it up!”  Huh?  The who with the what now?  Sure, he called it a bazooka 10 seconds ago, but that’s what you’re going with?  I just don’t get it.

I suppose I should be happy they at least made it sound like Vin Diesel said it, and not Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force

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  1. Erland says:

    Personally I think censors are writers who cannot get a job actually writing anything. Given this example of their work, I am happy with them being censors and not writers.

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