Fiction Friday: Kind of…

The following piece was inspired by a pair of lines from a sidebar in John Wick’s excellent Houses of the Blooded RPG: Nights of golden moonlight. And storms of black rain. 

When I read those two lines, they struck me as particularly poetic, and my mind kept wanting to write something because of them.  The idea bounced around for quite some time, more than a year in fact, until finally the inspiration struck me earlier this week and the lines began to flow.  The result is below.  I hope you enjoy it.

Nights of golden moonlight

And storms of black rain

Heights of hope and joy

And depths of fear and pain

Two sides of the coin these are

And never cut in twain

The highs and lows we all must have

Or not be whole again

Don’t give the good too much regard

Nor give the bad disdain

For in our lives

Should both be main

Those nights of golden moonlight

And storms of black rain

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  1. Erland says:

    Very nice. I didn’t know you were a poet.

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