Night’s Black Agents

This little piece was a teaser I wrote for my character in our Night’s Black Agents campaign (abbreviated NBA henceforth). NBA is a game about modern day field agents (think Jason Bourne) who discover that vampires really exist, and become embroiled in the conspiracy to keep them hidden. I decided to base my character on the Saint, who was played by Roger Moore in the TV series and Val Kilmer in the movie, leaning more toward Kilmer’s portrayal. Much like the Saint, my character was a linguist, a master of disguise, and a skilled hand-to-hand combatant. Instead of using the names of saints as his aliases though, he uses the names of guitar players.

So, if you’re still reading, here’s some flavor about an operative currently going under the name James Hendricks…

“Ha ha! You are like The Saint, no?” Yuri asked as I pulled off my wig and false nose. I sighed heavily before pulling my colored contact lenses and then rubbing my eyes with the palms of my hands. “Sure, Yuri, just like The Saint,” I replied. “Except I’m not as handsome as Val Kilmer, and the mark with the secret formula is never as beautiful as Elizabeth Shue.” I flopped down in my chair wearily, continuing the ersatz education of my big Russian friend. “I like to think I’m the best mimic there is, but it’s never like they show you in the movies. You wouldn’t believe some of the nasty people I’ve had to ingratiate myself with.” I could go on at length to Yuri about the arms dealer I impersonated for two weeks in order to close a deal after he was killed during a bad interrogation. Then there was the waste disposal tech I had to replace for an inspection of a sewage treatment plant – that smell still wakes me up sometimes. Or the East German former shot-putter I had to cozy up to for a schnitzel recipe (don’t ask). Perhaps the worst of all was the Christmas I impersonated my uncle Charlie as a mall Santa for two days while he slept off an apocalyptic hangover. Jingle bells still make me cringe. But I wasn’t about to tell Yuri any of those stories, especially now that I knew he’d been working both sides of this deal. It’s a shame – I liked working with Yuri. I gave the big Russian a smile as my brain began working out the logistics of how I’d be strangling the life out of him with a choke hold in a few minutes.

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