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As I noted in my introductory post, I’m not just going to rant here all the time.  One of the things I’ve been planning on doing is posting some fiction on occasion, as another outlet to scratch the writing bug that’s taken hold of me lately.

There’s a project I’ve been working on, that in the hands of an accomplished writer might be called a novel. I hold no illusions that I am such a man at this point, and frankly I’m mostly sure that I’m not currently trying to write a novel, or that I even want to.  What I am sure of is that an idea sparked in my brain, and I started to follow it as it grew.  So I’m going to let it run and see where it goes.

One of the ideas that I had was to post the story here as it unfolds, as serialized fiction rather than looking at it as a novel.  This strikes me as a much better path to follow, as opposed to hoarding it like it’s either some lucky stroke of fiction gold or a heinous waste of my time and effort.

I think I’ll also post up an occasional piece of short fiction that I’ve written in the past, just for fun.  And because, hey – my blog.  I can do what I want, right?

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