You Say You Want A Resolution…

Well, it’s that time again. The old year has been tossed aside, and a fresh one is slotted up and ready for us to run roughshod over. Now, I’ve never been one for making resolutions, and the few that I have made were less than successful. But I’m going to give it another try here anyway.

My resolution for 2012 is to make a serious effort to post content to this blog. As such, I’m shooting for a bare minimum of 1 post per week, regardless of how I feel or what’s going on in my life. If I can pull it off, I will have nearly doubled my output from last year (a dismal 27 posts!)

At the moment, I have no real idea what the content will be. I’d like to continue with Fiction Friday, but I think right now it’s more important to get the words up here, so if I have fiction to put up on a Tuesday, I’ll fire it off rather than wait on it until Friday. I reserve the right to change my mind though! (Hey, my blog, remember!)

Once I’ve gotten into some kind of posting rhythm again, I’d like to try and get more discussion going in the comments. As a first step towards that, I’ve removed the requirement of registering before you can comment.  I’ll be monitoring comments before allowing them to post, just in case the spammers get through the site’s filters, and you’ll still need to provide a name and valid email address (which won’t be displayed), but now anyone can just drop on in and leave a comment. Hopefully this will encourage more feedback and discussion.

Alright, I’ve got 1 post in the can now…only 51 more to go (and hopefully a lot more!).

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  1. DNAphil says:

    Looking forward to seeing your new content. Now get crackin’!

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